Support student work-learn and research opportunities as well as the development of new features for the DRH.

The DRH is a completely open-access, non-profit academic initiative.

The conceptualization, building and running of the DRH began in 2012 with a Partnership Grant on "The Evolution of Religion and Morality" awarded to UBC by Canada's Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSRHC). Additional funding for DRH-related workshops came from UBC's Peter Wall Institute for Advanced Studies and the Center for Advanced Studies in the Behavioral Sciences (CASBS) at Stanford University, as well as a SSHRC Connection Grant.UBC has committed to the long-term support of the DRH as a technological platform.

In December 2016, the DRH received a small grant from the John Templeton Foundation to fund software development and other activities from 2017-2018.In 2017, we were awarded a $2.35 million grant from Templeton Religion Trust (PIs Slingerland and Muthukrishna) to support the DRH through 2021, allowing us to improve our technical platform, increase recruitment.

Most recently, DRH Director Slingerland and Associate Director Monroe were awarded a $4.8 million grant from the John Templeton Foundation to support the DRH from 2021-2024, including funds for five postdoctoral fellows who will create a comprehensive core of data coverage to ensure that the DRH becomes a useful resource for both historians and cultural evolutionary theorists.

The DRH has also collaborated with the Pulotu Database of Pacific Religions, which was funded by the John Templeton Foundation and the Marsden Fund, the Yale-based Human Relations Area Files, and the UBC-based From the Ground Up Project, funded by Canada’s SSHRC.

UBC has committed to becoming the permanent institutional home to the DRH, making matching contributions to existing grants and pledging financial and in-kind support in the future.

Our commitment to outstanding research and education is made possible by the contributions of our partners and grantees, but can also be enhanced by individual donations. If you find the DRH useful and wish to support our efforts, we encourage you to donate: every donation enables us to advance this project and increase access to the history of the world’s religions and cultures. This database supports the work of scholars, researchers, teachers, students and the public, and will always remain completely open access and free of charge.

To learn about other ways to give, please contact:

Anna Collins, Development Manager
UBC Faculty of Arts
Tel. 604-827-0008

John Templeton Foundation
Harvard University
Stanford University
Marsden Fund
Max Planck Institute of the Science of Human History
Templeton Religion Trust

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